Time for some ‘grown’ girls to show their stuff – Busty latin teen models




I know this is a break from TMI’s format but I’m 6’8″ and 300 lbs so all these are models are tiny to me.

I was reviewing the updates this week to TBF,


My jaw dropped when I saw this very healthy little latin cutie, Pamala Martinez.

At first I didn’t recognize her, then I clicked her profile link and…. WOWZERS!

Here’s some conservative previews. Don’t be a maniac and try and download the whole site in one month. In fact you’ll be rewarded with BONUS updates the longer you stay… Those are for the elite supporters of this very rare, ‘sport’, of rooting for these types of models.

TBF is always on time with their updates. They have a very wide array of models and PLENTY of content.

Sassy little Sophia is blowing up the interwebs!



vlcsnap-error353SUBSCRIBE TODAY! This cutie pie will blow your mind with level 4 updates and dat butt… OMG that cutie bootie! Great moves, great modeling! http://www.SofiaSweety.com

Sample photos have been selected to tease. Full delivery is in the members only area.

It may be Winter there but it’s warming up down South with Heidy!

Still my TMI queen. Heidy Model is one tough act to follow. Some of the most recent updates are more on the edgy side and I like it!

Check out some of these high definition vidcaps. Don’t forget the videos. Unedited so you never know what’s going to happen!

Congrats by the way to the site. Video 200 is posted and that’s a vidcap from it…. The last one.




Tiny Teen Fitness Models Be On My Mind


yfm_023-001 yfm_023-016 yfm_023-033It’s just a routine that I have and love to share these great glamour teens with their fit figures and beautiful faces.

YFM is what you need to know. Young Fitness Models.

This shoot with Juliana is from September but I love going through the HD pics.

So smooth and soft with such a great little smile. Stop wondering, stop waiting. Life will pass you by if you don’t do what you really want to do.

WOW! YFM on TMI OMG! Tiny Young Fitness Models for YOU

I’m not sure if my heart can keep up. Not only did they just launch Young Fitness Models, http://www.YoungFitnessModels.com but launched a sister site focused on one of their runway ready models, Kelly.

Join YFM right now and you’ll get access to ALL of the hot updates on Kelly Kutie, http://kellykutie.com/

See below some of my new favorites.  Doing sheer lingerie and tiny bikini’s in a way that leaves you speechless.


KellyKutie-007-053 yfm_011-058 yfm_017-057

Only THE BEST Tiny Teenage Glamour Models Here! – TBF

TBF is short for Teen Beauty Fitness. You’ve GOT TO SEE THIS SITE!

A monthly subscription is around $30 USD and gets you access to the whole shabang! Archives of other model sites, HQ pics and videos! You’ll need another terabyte just for this site!

Show your support and you’ll be rewarded with THE HOTTEST latin teen glamour on the net!  They even have a bonus section for longtime subscribers and these updates are ONLY for the most serious of fans!

Beautiful teen girls showing off their fit bodies in sheer lingerie and tiny bikinis.  It’s real and it’s fantastic!

http://teenbeautyfitness.com is the site. Get to know it and stay tuned for THE MOST weekly updates of any teen glamour site.

Here are some hand picked sample vidcaps from some recent updates. Remember, this is a public blog so I have to keep it PG. Sheer tops and bottoms are contained in the site.


vlcsnap-error581 vlcsnap-error861 vlcsnap-error942

Tiny Spinner Girls Performing Latin Teen Glamour Modeling

Girls so small, they can spin and twirl in your hand like a ballerina! To be a dancer it requires a fit body. Being tiny helps and being a teenager means they have lots of energy. You can learn all about fit teen glamour girls at TBF! Teen Beauty Fitness! Warning, there are a few slips but they don’t get hurt.  Check out some of the most recent updates.  It’s two smaller sets put together giving you great examples of all the shapes and sizes that TBF has to offer. Ximena has gotten so tall.. So tiny!  Pictures include Luisa, Vanessa, July & Laurita, Luisa, Ximena!  http://www.TeenBeautyFitness.com

tbf_534-008 tbf_534-015 tbf_534-022


Sleek Treat is Tough to Beat – Angie in Red Bikini

Great Bonus Level 1 video this week! Tiny little Angie model in a tiny shiny red bikini, private dancing for you at a tropical resort.

Remember that you need to be a member for a bit before you can get access to the Bonus levels.. It will take you over a month to download all the content anyway.

Remember you get Angelita, Valentina, Michelle Romanis, Daniela Florez and so many more model sites rolled into one when you join TBF!

Teen Beauty Fitness – http://www.TeenBeautyFitness.com

vlcsnap-2015-02-08-23h03m59s207 vlcsnap-2015-02-08-23h04m12s99 vlcsnap-2015-02-08-23h04m32s43

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