Pamala Martinez has football in mind for Game Day in UHD 4k!

TBF now has 4k UHD videos! Pamala model has my heart pounding in the in-zone in this latest video.

Don’t have a 4k TV yet? Not a problem, the reduced HD version is still available for download.

Please be patient on the download times as well. I use Chrome and it works pretty well.. Very well worth the wait to see Pamala calling the shots.





Candy Is Dandy – Sweet Ximena Gomez Will Cure Your Sugar Fix

I can hardly believe the changes this latin teen glamour model has been through.

Ximena Gomez is one of the founding models for the very successful YFM website…. And this electric sugar buzz of a photo set is one of the reasons she now has her very own site. You know what to do.




Hot Little Heidy is due for an Update here – Mmm Mmm Mmm!




The Bold and The Beautiful!  Sassy and dark, this update is Black Magic!

There’s another update that I wanted to post but it’s just too sheer and full of baby oil…  What’s a guy to do?


Hold down your (Page Down), button for a while to get to the recent updates… Yeah, there’s over 150gb of content!  Good luck making it through a single sitting.  I call it the Gauntlet of Glamour.

Sweet and Tiny Angelita is back! Rockin’ Latin Teen Glamour!



yfm_163-36Angelita took a break from her solo site but is back on several updates at YFM or

You can also join TBF for gigs and gigs of other beautiful models but you also get Angelita’s COMPLETE ARCHIVE SOLO SITE!.. As well as several other model’s solo sites… But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

TBF knocks it out of the park with Mary Mendez Sheer Shots not censored



tbf_bonuslevel4-006-23I don’t want to say censored, but I will say these are the ‘shy’ pictures.

Mary Mendez is a very sweet model. The braces and light features add to her tropical appeal. This shoot is from a Level 4 BONUS update… You have to be a longtime member to get access to unlock this level of awesome. This is the rarest of the rare.

All I can say is that if you enjoy the work of these models, please SUPPORT them by subscribing. That’s the ONLY way you’ll get to continue seeing them. Quit being a troll or leech when looking for great content.

TBF or has THE MOST updates of any teen glamour site….. And the variety of models seems endless with new models jumping in all the time.

Again, TBF =

Be a stand-up supporter of Teen Beauty and Fitness!

Latin Teenage Dream Model, Ximena Sheer Genius!



vlcsnap-error904You’ve got to own this video. Ximena has really improved over the last year in skills and saunter. She’s been doing great work with her eyes and hips.

That tiny frame is on display in this HQ video. Great smile, beautiful eyes. Makes me feel like a kid again.

Check out her previews that we can’t show here.. (Some people freak out over a beautiful model)

Time for some ‘grown’ girls to show their stuff – Busty latin teen models




I know this is a break from TMI’s format but I’m 6’8″ and 300 lbs so all these are models are tiny to me.

I was reviewing the updates this week to TBF,

My jaw dropped when I saw this very healthy little latin cutie, Pamala Martinez.

At first I didn’t recognize her, then I clicked her profile link and…. WOWZERS!

Here’s some conservative previews. Don’t be a maniac and try and download the whole site in one month. In fact you’ll be rewarded with BONUS updates the longer you stay… Those are for the elite supporters of this very rare, ‘sport’, of rooting for these types of models.

TBF is always on time with their updates. They have a very wide array of models and PLENTY of content.

Sassy little Sophia is blowing up the interwebs!



vlcsnap-error353SUBSCRIBE TODAY! This cutie pie will blow your mind with level 4 updates and dat butt… OMG that cutie bootie! Great moves, great modeling!

Sample photos have been selected to tease. Full delivery is in the members only area.

It may be Winter there but it’s warming up down South with Heidy!

Still my TMI queen. Heidy Model is one tough act to follow. Some of the most recent updates are more on the edgy side and I like it!

Check out some of these high definition vidcaps. Don’t forget the videos. Unedited so you never know what’s going to happen!

Congrats by the way to the site. Video 200 is posted and that’s a vidcap from it…. The last one.




Tiny Teen Fitness Models Be On My Mind


yfm_023-001 yfm_023-016 yfm_023-033It’s just a routine that I have and love to share these great glamour teens with their fit figures and beautiful faces.

YFM is what you need to know. Young Fitness Models.

This shoot with Juliana is from September but I love going through the HD pics.

So smooth and soft with such a great little smile. Stop wondering, stop waiting. Life will pass you by if you don’t do what you really want to do.

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